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Heritage of Ultraship by My Weigh

Ultraship was originally designed to meet all of the needs for the SOHO (small office, home office). The Ultraship is especially good for those that work from home as the Ultraship affords flexibility beyond office-based needs. The Ultraship is at home weighing postcards, parcels, letters, and boxes, even large ones, as it is weighing foods, or even babies.

The Ultraship range has a number of different features including letter holders and detachable screens, but its conversion button allows you to weigh in old and new units, which is useful for dealing with international customers. The Ultraship also weighs in 0.1oz increments, while larger packages are read in 0.2oz increments (0.5oz on the UL-55 & UL-75), which means one scale for letters and another for boxes is no longer necessary.

We would recommend the Ultraship for office or home-based needs
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