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The history of Salter

Salter was originally a UK brand that set up in the 1760s supplying domestic weighing scales. Salter is now a global player with a really diverse product range.

Richard Salter was a spring maker from Bilston who began his career in the scales by making 'pocket steelyards', which is a bit like fishermen's scales.

In 1825, Richard Salter’s nephew, George Salter took over and set up a manufacturing business. Now Salter was producing many kinds of scales. Salter even produced the first bathroom scale and then went onto produce items as diverse as coin operated machines.

In the 1900s Salter went from strength to strength and was remarkably still owned by the same Salter family.

Finally, in 1972 Salter was bought by by Staveley Industries Plc and was split into separate subsidiaries.
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