Argos Digital Pocket Scales

Argos Digital Pocket Scales

Postby admin » Tue Mar 24, 2009 9:01 am

Argos Digital Pocket Scales

A frustrated search for Argos Digital Pocket Scales

Keen to compare the market and to find the best digital scales at the most rock bottom price, I typed ‘Argos Digital Pocket Scales’ into Google. But nothing relevant came up; just bathroom scales and kitchen scales. Undeterred, I to Argos, and typed in Argos Digital Pocket Scales. Nothing still. I then tried Digital Pocket Scales, and finally Pocket Scales. But it seems that the Argos pocket digital scales range amounts to some digital bathroom scales, some digital kitchen scales and mostly the traditional non-digital bathroom and kitchen scales, and certainly no digital pocket scales. The range of Argos digital scales amounts to zero. Perhaps they’re in the Argos catalogue and haven’t yet been put online? Either way, my online search for the cheapest and best digital pocket returned nothing.

If anyone from Argos is reading, let’s have an Argos Digital Pocket Scales range soon.
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