Accurate Scales

Accurate Scales

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Accurate Scales

Go digital for more accurate scales

The whole point and purpose of having scales is to weigh amounts. Like words, weights are a way of defining and categorising the world. What’s more, weight is used to understand if something is unhealthy, or healthy. For example, to measure if a pregnancy or a newborn baby’s weight is progressing healthily. It is also necessary to understand how much something costs because of its weight, like diamonds, or post. Health and money are both important things, so it’s important to have accurate scales. It therefore makes sense to go digital, as these are the most accurate scales you can get.

The first accurate scales were called balances and used a horizontal lever with equal length arms (the beam), with a weighing scale suspended from each arm. Balances are more accurate scales unlike spring scales, which are affected by local gravity.

What makes balance sales accurate scales is that balance ensures that the fulcrum of the beam is essentially friction-free. However, since the birth of digital scales, balances have been deemed archaic in favour of much more accurate scales; digital scales.
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