Ultraship 55

Ultraship 55

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Ultraship 55

Ultraship 55 Review

Ebay is becoming an increasingly viable home business and customers therefore need postal scales in their SOHOs. We’ve reviewed the Ultraship 55 product to see if it will do eager ebayers justice.

The Ultrshaip 55 has all the usual features you would expect including: Tare, Hold, and auto-off.

The Ultraship 55 has a detachable display screen on a 2 foot flex cord.

The Ultraship 55 comes with added extras such as a Letter Tube Holder and Mail/Envelope Holder.

It can run on batteries or via the mains.

The best bit about the Ultrsahip 55 is that in the home you can use them as food scales, or to track the progress of a new-born baby, which makes them really flexible, which is perfect for home use.

The Ultraship 55 weighs loads in grams but has a conversion button in case you’re posting internationally, or want to tell a grandparent about a baby’s weight gain in the old system.

For domestic postal scales, the Ultraship 55 really is durable as it weighs loads up to 55lbs, which, if you decide to use these postal scales as kitchen scales too, is a whole lot of bread for your buck!
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