Luggage Scales

Luggage Scales

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Luggage Scales

Helping you to keep budget travel costs down with luggage scales

Budget low cost flights can work out just as expensive as classier carrier alternatives if you’re not careful. Ryanair is even due to bring out ‘a spend pound to a spend a penny’ service deal, where customers have to spend a pound to use the toilets on board!

Customers are more used to their stingy baggage policy, although this has become more of slippery subject recently with them downsizing the weight and size of on board luggage allowed. Even the luggage that’s checked in, which costs you, comes with an extra levy if it is exceeds the maximum allowance. So to stay one step ahead invest in some luggage scales to prevent nasty surprises at check-in. You should pack your luggage scales too, as luggage seems to expand in size by the time home time arrives.

With the Balzanna luggage scales just strap the case on the strap and lift from the ground until the noise sounds. The weight displays on the screen. Remember to take into consideration the weight of the luggage scales, as you will need to pack the luggage scales in your bag.

Use luggage scales to save a few pounds in case you need to spend a penny later!
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