digital scale

digital scale

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Digital Scale

How a cheap replica digital scale helps free market economics

A fake digital scale from China often comes at an ultra cheap price. The effect this has on the market is to increase competition, which can often be a good thing. This is what capitalism is based upon. As a result, digital scales manufacturers have lowered their prices in order to better compete, and so when a customer buys a genuine digital scale from a genuine manufacturer, they get a great digital scale at a rock bottom price!

On the flipside, a fake digital scale from China tends to be a low-quality digital scale product. If a consumer buys one of these, then it works out more expensive for them: when the digital scale breaks, or if it doesn’t work at all, they have to re-invest in a genuine digital scale. But if they buy a digital scale from the right place, they will get more digital scale bang for their buck.
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