How to order

Adding a digital scale to your cart:

Like with most other sites, we use an online shopping cart tool. To add items to your cart, simply click BUY once you have chosen the electronic scale you wish to purchase.

If you select add digital pocket scales to your cart but do not checkout, the digital scales will remain in your cart for one week, so that you can easily find them again on your return to our scales shop.

Changing number of items in the cart:

A text box will display the number of each type of electronic scale you have in your cart. For example, ‘1’ digital pocket scale, ‘2’ post scales, ‘3’ weighting scales. This way, it is easy to check that your order is correct. It is easy to rectify a duplicated order, for example, by changing the number in the box and pressing the update button. The price will change accordingly too.

Removing a digital scale from the cart:

Simply change the number as explained above to reflect what you wish to buy. If want to return to browsing and do not wish to buy any digital scales, enter a ‘0’ next to the item.

Accessing checkout while browsing:

The “checkout” button will always be placed in the top right hand corner so it is easy for you to choose to buy some electronic scales as soon as you have chosen to do so.

The checkout process:

Press the checkout button in the top right corner and the item(s) in your cart will be displayed. Check the digital scales selected are correct. You will then be prompted to complete your Billing/Delivery details.


Google has brought out a new checkout tool. Simply click  ‘Buy now Google checkout’ and you will be prompted to fill out the necessary Payment/Delivery details if you are a new user.