G-Electronic Scales

G-Electronic Scales are our best value pocket scale range, which make them really popular with our digital scale, penny-wise loving clientele. The range comes in modern and quirky colours including sleek silver, night black and parma-violet purple. They all have an ice blue backlight, which set the colours off. Just because these pocket digital scales are our best value range it doesn’t mean quality is compromised.

These are ultra professional super-mini pocket digital sales, which are able to perform top of the range accuracy. And they’re compact so they can be easily ferried about to the different locations you need to make a stop to weigh out goods.


Invisible Pocket Scales

Your privacy and discretion is our priority at DigitalScales2U, so much so that we even produce invisible pocket scales! Well, maybe not quite invisible, but almost. Our mini CD scales look like CDs, and not like digital scales, so you can rest assured that no one will make assumptions based on your carrying portable scales around with you.

Our mini CD scales have all of the features demanded by any digital scales consumer including backlighting and expansion tray, and come in different weight scales, some with an accuracy of 0.01g and others which take heavier loads but have an accuracy of 0.1g. These portable mini digital scales are not only invisible to the eye but they are very light on the pocket too. Here are at Digitalscales2U we work hard to keep our prices down and are confident that we offer the most competitively priced lines around.


P-Electronic Scales

The P-Electronic scales range is made up of key ring digital scales. If you want pocket sized digital scales then these fit even the smallest of pockets! In fact, these digital scales can go wherever your keys can go, and we presume that you take your keys with you whenever you leave the house! These pocket digital scales are ultra discreet, ultra light and ultra transportable. Their protective lid covering acts as a weighing tray so their super mini pocket size doesn’t prevent you from weighing out a decent sized mass.

No wonder the P-Electronic Scales range sell so well, they have all of the features of larger models including offering high max capacities but do it all in a dinky little lightweight package.

Anyone that has keys should have some P-Electronic Scales for whenever they might need to weigh mass when they’re roaming around.


Tanita 1479V Scales

Tanita 1479V products

Tanita is a giant in the scales market and so Tanita scales have a fantastic reputation. They’re well known in the health and fitness industry for making models which help to monitor body fat, and also make a great range of small Tanita scales, like as Tanita 1479, Tanita 1479V, Tanita 1479n, Tanita 1479V pocket scales. These products weigh in increments of 1g making them very accurate and great for weighing smaller items like diamonds and jewellery, or for weighing out common garden herbs like coriander, mint and parsley in the kitchen.

Tanita scales are active in even more markets, they have a great Tanita scales range of bathroom scales, kitchen scales and baby scales. These all come in more traditional formats as well as digitals formats. When buying any Tanita scales you know their reputation precedes them and you can be sure you are getting a quality product for your money. Tanita scales ranges are highly recommended by professionals and consumers alike. Tanita Scales are used by the health and medical industry, and are one of the only suppliers to make Tanita scales for babies; they’re focus in this area is one of the reasons they’re so well trusted.

We would recommend Tanita Scales to anyone.

Touch Digital Scales

Strictly for the sophisticated, these silver scales are seriously slim line, and have a display screen that operates touch screen functionality. Oh yes. Despite being works of urban art they are also practical and offer great range. These digital scales offer maximum capacities up to 500g with accuracy scales starting from a teeny tiny 0.01g. Despite being the super models of the pocket digital scales market, these digital scales don’t rely on looks alone, as we’ve said above, they’re extremely practical, but the benefits of these ultra slim pocket scales don’t stop there. These pocket scales don’t even demand that you spend vast quantities of cash on them; they’re incredibly economical too. We’d argue that these super mini pocket scales tick all of the boxes, not only are they transportable but they’re the sort of pocket scales that look good on your arm and the sort of slim line pocket scales that you want to show off to your mates!


Wannabe Digital Scales

The Wannabe Digital scale range is a fantastic range of compact pocket scales, which come with a superior lightweight weighing platform that doubles as an expansion tray and protective cover. These super mini digital scales have superb accuracy, weighing in increments of 0.1g up to as much 350g. At only 2.8” these are seriously sweet scales. They have a cool blue neon backlight. Each of the digital scale models comes in a choice of either sleek silver or total turquoise, so you’re new compact pocket digital companion will look the part, whatever the weather.


Alien Digital Scales

The Alien Digital Scales Evolution range is a range of seriously funky and practical digital scales. These weird and wonderful pocket sized creatures have a slinky flip-style lid. The lid protects the digital scale when you’re on the move and then takes on an alien identity when you need to weigh mass. The protective lid spins round and flips into place to become a weighing tray. Mental magic. This digital scales range has different accuracy scales including 0.01g, 0.1g and 1g with a maximum capacity of 350g.

The range has easy to read display panels and simple, user-friendly functionality. For a trustworthy and straightforward digital scale, the Alien Digital Scale Evolution range is a fail-safe buy.


Henry Digital Scales

Henry digital scales are one of our most popular ranges, perhaps because they come in jet night black with a complimentary cool blue backlight for added wow. Or it could be because these digital scales are ultra professional with top of the range accuracy. They’re compact too making them ultra transportable and therefore a perfect bit of digital scales kit for those who need to weigh on the move, and demand on the spot accuracy and a streetwise look.

Henry digital scales cover a range of different accuracies, so no matter how precise you want to go there will be some Henry digital scales to meet your needs. We have a slick silver model for those requiring ultra accuracy in the form of 0.01g and night back Henry digital scales models for all other accuracies up to 1g.

Henry digital scales are highly reliable and professional digital scales, which is why they’ve been a long time best seller in the super-mini pocket digital scales range.


Max Electronic Scales

Max Electronic Scales Review
Max Electronic Scales, as one reviewer called them,are a 'Handy bit of bank side kit '.
Max Electronic Scales are fairly lightweight ad pocket-sized. You’ll find that a weigh bar is not necessary as the Max Electronic Scales scales have strong handles built

into them, which can be folded down.
They come with a protective plastic case, making them extra durable. Max Electronic Scales have a memory function, which records weights of catches. Max Electronic Scales

weighs in pounds and kilos. The screen is backlit making it easy to read. It also has clock and calendar features, to help you remember the wife’s birthday and when she

wants you home.
The instruction manual can be stuck on the back of the Max Electronic Scales, so you learn on the move.
Going digital has many benefits for the serious fisher, so we’d recommend Max Electronic Scales to anyone who invests much time in this sport.

Round digital scales

If you want to weigh larger items or want to attach the large expansion trays to your digital scale to maximise the amount of mass you’re able to weigh then round digital scales are the digital scales for you. Because they’re round, you’re granted total access to the digital scales. These round digital scales have a diameter of only 3.6” so manage to combine the ability to weigh large amounts whilst being small, space saving and space age. These are now available with a digital display and protective cover that also acts as an expansion tray, or in other words, equipped to make the most of its slick size and ability to weigh much mass.


Tanita Digital Scales

Tanita digital scales are well renowned in the industry for making top of the range scales. Tanita is a brand that has been around for two hundred and fifty years and has been well received in each of the scales sectors it has entered. More recently Tanita have been making waves in the digital pocket scales with their Tanita 1479 and Tanita 1479v digital scales models. Tanita digital scales are ultra precise and are great for weighing anything where accuracy is essential.

Tanita digital scales are pocket sized too so if your need is one that requires you to weigh on the move then the Tanita super mini scales are a great product to go for.

Tanita digital scales stretch across numerous categories including bathroom, health and well being and kitchen but if you’re looking for anything Tanita in the pocket scales market then you’ve come to the right place because for pocket scales you can’t get Tanita digital scales cheaper anywhere else.



Tanita products

Tanita seems to be the most positively reviewed brand online and we always stock popular models such as Tanita 1479, Tanita 1479v, Tanita 1479n, Tanita 1479v to meet the constant demand for them. These products weigh in increments of 1g making them very accurate and are great for weighing smaller items like diamonds and jewellery, or for weighing out common garden herbs like coriander, mint and parsley in the kitchen.

Tanita have a wealth of products under their belt and are well know in the health and well-being market; even Sharon Davies, former British swimming Olympian is a fan and uses a Tanita body fat monitor to help her keep on top of her fitness. In her opinion weight and fitness are two separate issues because muscle is heavier than fat. What she’s interested in measuring fat and finds the Tanita body fat monitor a great way of doing this.


Mini scales

Recalibrating [mini scales]

If your mini scales screen ever reads ‘LLL’ or ‘EEE’ the weighing mechanism might have become damaged. Such damage is most likely to have occurred from the mini scales being dropped.  Nonetheless, try recalibrating them by following the instructions.

If the numbers ‘888’ appear on the screen, it might mean that your batteries are running out. Another option is that the [mini scales] are having problems defining what ‘0’ is. To resolve this issue, replace the batteries, and if the numbers 888 still come up, send your [mini scales] in for repair, if they are still covered by the guarantee.

If, however, the letters ‘UNST’ appear you need to move your [mini scales] to a flat and even surface. If they are already on an even surface then your [mini scales] have load cell damage. Try recalibrating the [mini scales]. If this does not resolve the problem look to get your [mini scales] repaired under the guarantee.