Our metaphorical shopping cart allows you to purchase digital scales at our online scales shop much like in a real store. We have a ‘Scale Finder’ tool to help you select the right electronic scale for your needs. Once you have decided upon a digital pocket scale, add the weighting scales to the cart using the “Add to Cart” option available on each. Please select the number of specific digital scale models you require and then ‘Checkout’. The ‘Checkout’ button is located in the top right hand corner.  Once pressed you will be taken to a payment section where you will be asked to fill out payment and delivery details. We only deliver digital scales to mainland UK and therefore only accept payment in Pounds Sterling (GBP).

We will send you an order confirmation once payment has been taken to confirm that the order has been processed. However, this is not a legal document. You will be sent a receipt with the delivered digital scale. Your order confirmation is simply a mechanism for you review the model number and price.

Secure Credit Card transactions

If you purchase digitals scale products online your personal details will be encrypted through 126 bit SSL. We use Protx to complete the transactions with your bank.

Price scheme

All our electronic scales have fixed prices. If you place an order for a digital pocket scale then the price will be fixed at the order price irrespective of whether the order has been completed. In the meantime, if the supplier’s price changes during this process, it will be adjusted as per the contract. If a digital scale is priced incorrectly on the website, then it will automatically be corrected at checkout. We will always inform customers about correct prices for any mistakes made and customers will be free to cancel their order if they wish.

Back Orders

If a particular a digital scale is out of the stock, a new order will be automatically requested on your behalf. We will e-mail you to advise you have an order pending so you can withdraw it if you wish.

Digital Scale Details

New information is always being released about digital scales, so it is a possibility that online descriptions might differ slightly from the actual digital scale delivered.

We aim to provide 100% accurate details about all of our electronic scales but they are still only provided as a guide.

Damage Responsibility

We require an authorized signature upon delivery of all of our digital scales to ensure they are delivered to the correct address. Upon signing, the digital scale becomes your property. If the item is damaged you need to report this at the time of delivery by including written evidence on the relevant document, otherwise damage will be seen as the customer’s responsibility.